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Anderton Lewis Bentley
(1845 - 1916)

Local Builder and Contractor

Anderton Bentley came to America from Yorkshire, England; he arrived in Toledo in 1871 and began working as a carpenter on Toledo projects including the construction of the Boody House. In 1887 he founded Bentley Construction Co. (later known as A. Bentley & Sons). His son, Thomas, joined the firm around 1900. In 1924, his grandsons, A. L. Bentley and James, joined the firm. 


Over a span of 90 years, A. Bentley & Sons built many of Toledo's largest landmarks, including one of Toledo's first skyscrapers known today as the Riverfront Apartments on Summit and Madison (originally The Second National Bank, then Toledo Trust). The company also constructed the Nicholas Building, the Gardner Building, the Toledo Museum of Art, Toledo Hospital, St. Vincent Hospital, the Secor Hotel, the Acme Power Plant, and the Davis Besse nuclear power plant. The firm also assisted in the engineering of the Mackinac Bridge.


A. Bentley & sons was liquidated by the family in 1982.

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