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Clement O. Mininger
(1874 - 1944)

Industrialist and Banker

Mininger organized the Electric Auto-Lite Company and became secretary and treasurer. The firm manufactured automobile lighting and ignition equipment and later added battery and farm lighting divisions. At one time, Auto-Lite was the second largest producer of spark plugs in America.

He became president and general manager in 1914. He took charge of production at Willys Overland for 16 months to add executive, production and sales strength and organized conversion to help production during World War I. He was a banker and an active philanthropist. He donated $300,000 for the YMCA to build on Jefferson Ave. In the 1930's, he cleared the debts of the financially troubled Woman's and Children's Hospital (later Riverside).  He gave generously to the Toledo's Newsboys and  Toledo Zoo. The Mininger Foundation continues to support worthy organizations.

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